Introducing The Decorative Concrete WOW! Awards

Introducing The Decorative Concrete WOW! Awards

Introducing The Decorative Concrete WOW! Awards


It all stars with a single Diamond Tool. The WOW! Awards will now be part of The Word Of Concrete Ceremonies.

Over the past 20 years, decorative concrete has become accepted by the public as a viable and even preferred option for both outdoor and indoor flatwork. It has also become an important segment of the concrete industry and a big share of the credit goes to the ASCC Decorative Concrete Council (DCC).

One important thing the DCC does is recognize and promote great decorative concrete work through its Project Awards. The most recent awards were presented at the World of Concrete 2019, including the WOW! Award, which went to Bullion Coatings of Katy, Texas for the Sawmill Lakes Recreation Center Splash Pad. The 2020 awards will be presented at WOC 2020 and also at the ASCC Annual Conference in September 2020.

If you decide to enter the contest, remember that good photography is essential to winning. We can tell you that even great projects can lose if the pictures are poor. Projects are judged equally for aesthetics, craftsmanship, functionality, creativity, and safety. In-process photos will help the judges understand why a project should be recognized, which is why you should start taking pictures today, since entries are due by September 27.

WOW! Award Winner at WOC 2019: Sawmill Lakes Rec Center Splash Pad Gallery

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