Tile, Granite, & Marble

Tile, Granite, & Marble

Sencore Diamond Tools offer the best Granite, Marble & Tile Blades for dry or wet cutting hard materials. Our fast cutting, hard working blades can't be compare to others. We specialize in diamond blades, period. Call our professionals at 888-313-0004 to discuss your next project.

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Continuous Rim Fast Speed Tile Diamond Blade

The Continuous Rim Tile Blade is a true continuous rim blade with a huge 10mm segment, Dollar for dollar this blade can't be beat. Made to cut tile, marble and granite. This blade is fast, s..


Premium Turbo 10mm Rim Diamond Blade

Sencore's Premium Turbo Rim Blade is design to cut through Granite, Marble & Tile. A continuous rim 10mm turbo rim with cooling holes around the core for better ventilation. This blade was made wi..


Supreme Silent Core Diamond Blade

The Silent Core Blade is supreme silent blade for granite, marble and other natural stone types with patterned diamond technology. This technology strategically places diamonds at exact locations and ..


Supreme Turbo 10mm Rim Diamond Blade

The Supreme Turbo Rim with a continuous rim 10mm turbo with supreme quality. We packed it with the highest diamond concentration maximum speed and life. Cooling holes around the core of the added vent..


The Supreme Shark Diamond Blade

The Supreme Shark Blade is our professional series diamond saw blade built for the user who needs a precision cut with added life. This blade employs patterned diamond technology and is slotted throug..

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