Metal Cutter Blades

Metal Cutter Blades

Shop from Sencore Tools' selection of Metal and Circular Saw Blades. Our Metal Cutters are specifically made for cutting Metal Roofs, Bullet-Proof Glass, Rebar, Steel Studs, Copper, Fiberglass, Railroad Rails and more. They can be used dry or wet. Order your Metal Blades today.

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All Cut Red Diamond Blade

The laser-welded demolition blades, like the All Cut Red Diamond Blade, have a vacuum brazed segment..


Ductile Iron Premium Diamond Blade

The Sencore Ductile Iron Blades feature Swirl Electroplated Diamond Side Protection on the core spec..


IronHorse Rescue Diamond Blade

To keep the aggressive cutting, the IronHorse Rescue Blade has a vacuum brazed segment with high qua..

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