Special: 14" K 4000 Husqvarna Electric Wet Saw with The Shark Diamond Blade

Special: 14" K 4000 Husqvarna Electric Wet Saw with The Shark Diamond Blade

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Husqvarna's K 4000 14" Electric Wet Saw is the newest release. This brand NEW saw isn't available in many stores yet, BUT we have it. At an introductory price at that. We paired the new K 4000 with our popular blade, The Shark Diamond Blade. This is a match made in concrete heaven. This is an introductory offer and is only valid for a limited time. Hurry, this Diamond Deal is a must for any small or big project. Simply add this to your cart and your set.

The Shark Blade + K 4000 Saw = The SharK 4000!!!!!!

In-Depth Look
Overall Electronic Softstart™ Powerful, versatile electric cutter. Can be equipped with Vac attachment for dry cutting. Generous distance between the handles improves control and reduces load. Elgard™, the advanced electronic overload protection system, varies the rpm rate, to warn the user of an approaching overload. Electronic SoftStart™ allows starting with normal, slow-acting fuses. Quick-locking of the spindle and large blade guard opening facilitate blade changes. Generously dimensioned miter gear provides high durability, minimal power loss and low noise levels. DEX, Dust Extinguisher System – K 4000 Wet has an integrated regulator that controls the water volume, ensuring a constant flow to the blade. The amount of water is sufficient to bind the dust without creating an excess. A residual current device makes operation safer. If equipped with the optional Vac attachment: See the benefits for the Husqvarna K 3000 Vac.

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