The Shark Pulse 770 Special

The Shark Pulse 770 Special

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The Husqvarna K 770 VAC is a lightweight power cutter for dry cutting and has the power and all qualities of the standard K 770 while adding the benefit of dust extraction. With an easy to connect 2'' hose dust is effectively transported to an external dust extractor. K 770 VAC has an impressive maximum cutting depth of 122 mm, very close to that of a 14'' machine. Suitable with a Husqvarna S 26 dust extraxtor.

The Shark Diamond Blade is the blade you always dreamed of running, and it's here to stay. Voted as the best blade in America by many sources and companies makes the Shark Blade is the HOTTEST selling  blade, period.  With it's unique and patented split segment design and oversized cooling holes, there is no other blade in today’s market that will come close to the shark.

The Pulse-Bac PRO-225 offer performance similar to our classic 1150 model is a significant step up in power and duty-cyle from the PRO-176. With 225 CFM and 110″ of Lift the PRO-225 is great for mid-sized walk behind grinders, larger drills & demolition hammers. The PRO-225 has the highest Lift(air pressure) available in the PRO Series for better pick up. Combine it with the optional Integrated Floor Sweep for easy clean up between grits or before finishes. Our traditional 20 gallon tank has been a tried and true job site companion for many construction pros and manufacturers for well over a decade.  Made from 16 gauge, cold rolled U.S. steel and powder coated to prevent rust, the 20 Gallon tank will provide years of trouble free use. Standard features include a removable 5 caster steel dolly with non-marking casters and 3 grip handles to assist in dumping. Includes 2" x 25' Hose & Dolly Wheel Kit.

K 770 Specifications:

  • Output power 5 hp
  • Cylinder displacement 4.5 cu.inch
  • Electrode gap 0.02 in
  • Exhaust emissions (CO2 EU V) 711 g/kWh
  • Cutting depth, max 4.8 in
  • Blade diameter, max 12 in
  • Arbor diameter 0.8/1 in
  • Blade thickness, max 0.16 in
  • Peripheral speed, max 10000 fpm
  • Product size width 8.7 in
  • Product size height 16.1 in
  • Weight 24.25 lbs
  • Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA) 115 dB(A)
  • Sound pressure level at operators ear 98 dB(A)
  • Vibrations left/front handle 4.0 m/s²
  • Vibrations right/rear handle 2.8 m/s²
  • Cert machine dir. 2006/42/EC Decl. No. EURO TEST CERTIFICATE SEC/10/2285

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