150 Soff-Cut Early Entry Husqvarna Saw

150 Soff-Cut Early Entry Husqvarna Saw

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The Soff-Cut 150 Series is a popular product with many contractors. We offer both series to better suit your project. Husqvarna Soff-Cut is a unique patented system for early entry concrete sawing. This technology enables concrete to be cut within the first one or two hours of finishing and before final set.

Husqvarna 150 (Original)

The Husqvarna Soff-Cut 150 saw is designed for residential and light commercial applications. The lightest gas saw in the Soff-Cut range, the 150 is designed for ease of use and convenience. Features include a patented low noise blade enclosure which allows the unit to be used in residential areas with minimal disruption. In addition, the low-dust blade block system allows the saw to cut dry, and it controls the debris for easy cleanup.

Husqvarna 150 D (Light)

The Husqvarna Soff-Cut 150 D saw was designed especially for the contractor who wants a no-hassle way to make decorative cuts. It was also designed to be economical and durable. The 150 D has a low noise, low vibration 4-1/2 horsepower Robin engine and is ideal for large and small jobs alike. This saw, along with the Husqvarna Soff-Cut 50 handheld saw, is the perfect solution to your decorative jobsite needs.

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